My Writing

Since the beginning of my career in journalism, I have enjoyed telling stories through writing. Below is a selection of articles I have written. 

A group of first-year Webster University students took a deeper look at Webster Groves to learn more about the community, its history and the people who have shaped it.

In this article, I highlighted our "technical ear training" program. Webster University's School of Communications is one of only four schools in North America offering courses in "technical ear training."

For the recurring "What It's Like" feature in Glimpse Magazine, I interviewed Kimberly Steward on what it's like to be a Hollywood movie producer.

I interviewed former Webster University faculty member Therese Stawowy on her experiences marching in Selma.

I interviewed two Webster University faculty members who did research on how to explain the Ferguson protests to small children.

Kristin Pratt, is a 2010 graduate of Webster University’s School of Communications is making a career out of special effects animation.